Why Beauty??

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One of my earliest memories is being so fascinated every morning religiously without realising watching my mother delicately apply her makeup, product after product I would be amazed just how *magic* makeup could be well at that age anyway!

I think it was from the age 10 when I really started getting in to beauty. I would find myself sneaking in to my sisters bedroom attacking her glittery eyeshadows, which after applying made you feel like a princess when in fact you looked like the perfect candidate for Barry M's latest dazzle craze!

But it didn't matter as you at the time thought you looked beautiful, and that is why beauty for so many reasons is a wonderful thing as just a slick of lipstick or sweep of blush can make you feel truly wonderful. It's unique and personal to each and every person in their own way.

Some opinions are quite negative of beauty as it masks a true identity or covers up imperfections, but actually there could be over 1000 reasons why beauty is loved by people not just to look pretty, but to give a boost of confidence when other things in your day to day life aren't maybe going as planned or going as well as you wished. It can be quite revelating or a great distraction seeing the latest releases or tutorials, because it's not all down to how beauty makes us looks, it's how it makes us feel as individuals, whether that be browsing through online websites or shopping and attempting new looks, it's all harmless and so very pretty to look at! 

In many ways to many people beauty is beautiful and I am one of them!

Emily xoxo

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