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Hi Guys!
Firstly sorry I haven't posted in a while, bit of a crazy week, but I have a few posts coming up that I am looking forward to talking about!

I thought seeing as we are nearly at the end of January (thank god! January is definitely not one of my fave months) It would be good to talk about some of my current favourite/finds. Some are new, some I have had for a while and have seen their way creeping in to my daily routine.

First up...

Two of my favourite purchases of the month!

Nars blusher in the shade Orgasm, is it just me or do you think as well, NARS choice for naming their products is maybe a little bit odd?! Back to the blusher.. I had been stalking Nar's blushers for quite some time I had heard the pigmentation was insane and the duration of how long the blush stayed applied to the skin was also really good. So I made the plunge and opted for the shade Orgasm. This is a beautiful peachy tone with a slight gold shimmer running through it. 
This blush will be perfect for spring, but I currently have been applying a small dash of it after applying my bronzer to give me a lovely peachy flush to my current winter pale skin!
Instantly I loved this blush as soon as I opened it I could tell it was going to be a favourite, as I found this not to be to over powering as some blushers can be and I didn't have a shade like it within my collection so this has definitely fitted in well!

Next is Charlotte Tilbury's flimstar bronze and glow , this was without a doubt a high contender on my most wanted list for soo long! I had been waiting a long time to buy this as at £49.00 I really could't push myself to spend that amount on a contour/highlight palette, but after waiting and debating I eventually gave in (my willpower is clearly not the best)! However I am so glad I did, Charlottes packaging on all of her products never disappoints, the burgundy shiny boxes inserted with the most delicious gold casing. This hands down is the best contour palette I have ever used (with Sleek's palette coming in at a close second). There are two sections to this palette sculpt and highlight, quite self explanatory, you use the sculpt to contour and the highlight to accentuate the parts of your face you want to look lighter and to be more stand outish (I definitely just invented a new word!)
The highlight is so beautiful a soft creamy golden glow which is like butter is so incredibly easy to apply, and the sculpt shade is also ideal as it isn't to dark which I find in some contour palettes the shade isn't always easy to work with. But this is so easy to blend and gives off a perfected contoured desired effect to the face (not quite Kim Kardashian style yet) but good enough for me!

Next up...

Three of my top three holy grail go to products.
If I can't find these within my collection I begin to slightly panic. These three products I seem to use continuously at the moment.

Firstly Charlotte Tilbury's full fat lashes mascara, this mascara has been sitting at a high no.1 for quite some time, a good few months back I was crushing on her website and came across this mascara and thought for £22.00 for a high end mascara it wasn't to steep, so thought I would give it a whirl and ever since I have been addicted.
This does exactly what it says on the tube, this is my third one now (so that say's just how much I use it). I naturally have long lashes, but this mascara really does accentuate them more by adding volume more length and colour. So many people have commented on this mascara asking if my lashes are false, when in fact it's good old Charlotte working her magic.

Next we have Body Shop's insta blur primer, I was never one for primers as I used to suffer with dry skin, however since changing up my daily cleansing routine I now have combination skin. (not that I am complaining!) But I do find my face can become shiny so I end up applying a matte powder throughout the day. I had read a few reviews on the Body Shop's insta blur primer and had heard it was good for combination skin, so I thought I would see if it lived up to the hype. 
And for me it does, this primer provides such a smooth even base to apply your makeup on to, it blends in evenly leaving a silky soft finish. I find when applying my makeup after using this primer I rarely have to touch up my powder throughout the day as the primer is quite a matte finish, you don't find your makeup sliding off throughout the day, so if you suffer with oily/combination skin then this is perfect for you. 

Next is the infamous Nars Sheer Glow foundation, maybe the one foundation every beauty blogger has heard of!
I was fairly new to sheer glow after it being recommended by countless fellow bloggers, I had to give in to the hype and I am so glad I did.
I am the shade Deauville, and this currently is a perfect match to my skin tone, I seem to bronze so quickly in the summer but as soon as winter hits I turn a creamy ivory colour. I mix this with my Bourjois healthy mix foundation in the colour vanilla and I find this is bang on my perfect foundation match.
This foundation is in one word wonderful. The consistency is a dream, I use my Bobbi Brown face blending brush to apply this foundation and it buffs in perfectly to my skin leaving me with a dewy glow finish. I think the coverage of sheer glow is quite high so perfect for winter, but I do think it's down to how much you apply to your face, I find I apply more during winter and I don't apply much foundation through summer as I have a natural bronzed glow to the skin. 

Next up...

Hour glass ambient lighting blush palette

How dreamy does this palette look?!
I first noticed hourglass popping up over so many bloggers pages, I had heard so many good things, but was so stuck over which blush to buy, then hourglass released their limited edition ambient lighting palette with 3 blushers. 
These blushers are so silky and feel so smooth to the skin. I don't think they are highly pigmented but they provide a beautiful sheer flush of colour to the cheeks. As the title suggests they are lightening, making your face look more awake and healthy. The only off putting thing I think is the price at a hefty £56.00, but if you are looking to add a beautiful trio of colour to your collection this palette is perfect for that. I think some websites are still selling it ( being one of them so grab it quickly before it sells out!


Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection

These brushes are literally incredible.

I have purchased four so far out of the whole bold metals collection, and  I think it's fair to say I along with the majority of beauty lovers, were thrilled when Sam and Nic confirmed they were releasing a metals collection... what girl doesn't love rose gold?!
These brushes are not only pleasing to the eye but oh so incredibly soft.

Firstly I purchased the contour brush as I was in need of a new one, and every contour brush I had come across just was not up to scratch. Thankfully I can confirm the BM contour brush is by far the best I have ever used, the bristles and so compacted together it makes attempting to produce that desired Kim Kardashian contour line that much easier!

Then I purchased the blush, powder and pointed crease brush.
As crazy as it may sound all 4 brushes are the best and most used within my collection currently, I don't know if it's because they are new so more fresh, but it's been a good 3 weeks and I have not yet been let down!

The powder brush is one of the softest makeup brushes I have ever come across, picking up just the right amount of product to apply to your face. The blush head on the BM applicator is the perfect ideal size for cheeks, which is something I do not come across often, as normally they are quite large.
And finally the pointed crease brush, again like the contour brush the bristles and compacted together so this fits wonderfully into the crease of the eye or I also find corners of the eye best when applying your eye makeup.
I would highly recommend these brushes to anyone as although slightly expensive they are worth it! And available in your local Boots store.

So there you have it my favourites products of January, what have you been loving this January?

Emily xoxo

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  1. I absolutely loved this post! I've been lusting over the Chatlotte Tilllbury's bronze and glow palette for ages and I think I'm going to have to save up and get it after reading this! Very jealous of all your purchases and great helpful reviews! Love the bold metals brushes too! Can't wait to see what beauties you buy next! xxx


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