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Hi Guys!

I hope you have all had a lovely Sunday, I can't believe we are in February already! It's actually crazy, but I can't lie I love Summer more than Winter so I am so ready for it now!

Anyway today I am going to talk about my favourite powdered highlighters, now I have to be honest I am slightly concerned at my growing stash of highlighters, I don't know what it is but If  I see a new highlighter and I swatch it I feel like I need it in my collection... highlighter problems! 
I do have so many, as well as liquid highlighters but I will save those for another time otherwise I could be here all day!!

First up...

Bobbi Brown, Micheal Kors and Estee Lauder.

Now the above highlighters could be identified as bronzers however to me once they are blended they very much suit as a bronzed highlighter.

First off we have Bobbi Brown's Bronze Glow, when I first picked this up in Covent Garden I definitely felt a lot of excitement, however this is limited edition (sad face) but I think Macs Soft and Gentle is actually very similar. 
I adore the finish to this highlighter it gives the most wonderful sun kissed shimmer, there is no glitter in this which for me is a huge plus as I feel sometimes glitter can look slightly false. This gives off an effortless warm shine, the light catches perfectly on to this shade when applied, perfect for any month of the year.

Next we have Michael Kors Bronze Powder in the shade Beam. This some would definitely say is more of a bronzer, but the golden undertones in this make it the perfect highlight for the Summer months. I picked this up at the airport when I went on holiday last year, admittedly the beautiful gold packaging attracted me to it first. The size of this is so generous, that I know it will last me for a long time, and the compact has a big mirror inside too which is perfect for when you are out and about and need to touch up your makeup.
I only wore this in the Summer I didn't need powder or foundation as I had a lovely tanned glow to my skin, I literally just lightly applied the Michael Kor's beam over the apples of my cheeks nose and forehead and I was left with a beautiful sun kissed highlight affect which amplified my tan! Beam is definitely a suitable name for this product as the pigmentation and colour to this bronze highlight is slightly iridescent with beams of golden tones to it.

Next we have Estee Lauder's Illuminating Gelee powder in the shade Shimmering Sands.
Again this is limited edition (why do I do it to myself?!) But these are still going on Ebay so if you like me are a fan or want to nab one before they completely stop Ebay is the place!
I actually think this is fairly similar to Michael Kors, but slightly more reddy golden and definitely more pigmented. The formula to this is a gel, creamy powdered finish... I know how is it possible to have 3 formulas to one product but it works!
A little goes a long way with this and I wouldn't layer this on a bronzer as it is almost a highlighter and bronzer all in one.
This does give off a lovely dewy metallic affect which lasts all day and I don't find myself needing to touch this up, as it stays put throughout the day.

Above are 3 swatches left to right Estee Lauders Shimmering Sands, Bobbi Browns Bronze Glow and Michael Kor's Beam.

Next up...

Charlotte Tilbury and Laura Mercier.

I think Charlotte Tilbury's Bar of Gold was the first CT product I got my hands on, and ever since, added more and more to my collection. 
Charlotte sure knows how to draw people in with the naming of products and packaging, a bar of gold just sounds so dreamy I had to buy it!
I was slightly disappointed the packaging was paper/cardboard I think it would have been more effective if it was a metal compact as it would have gone well with the gold bar theme. 
I have read mixed reviews on this highlighter it isn't greatly pigmented, but to be  honest some days I just want a simple slightly highlighted affect and this is perfect for that. The formula to this is so velvety it transfers from brush to skin perfectly leaving an adorning trail of a light behind.
Perfect for any skin tone, this highlighter is definitely not harsh just the perfect addition of a brightening illuminating affect.

Next we have
This is a beautiful pinky peachy shimmer highlight, perfect for adding a healthy glow to your cheeks, This block contains 4 different highlight shades so you can use each one for different pinky tones or mixed together to create a gorgeous sheen of pink tones. I get complimented on this particular highlighter a lot because it really does have an idealistic soft silky finish with the addition of the perfect pinky highlight.

Left to right, Laura Mercier's Pink Mosaic and Charlotte Tilbury's Gold Bar swatches.

Last up...

Three of my absolute favourties...

First we have Charlotte Tilburys Filmstar Bronze and Glow this was mentioned recently in my January favourites, a new purchase and well deserved to be in this post.
One word to sum up this highlight is perfect I adore this highlighter it is worth every penny I could rave about it day and night (eager) but it really is wonderful.
This has the most soft radiant effect possible and is a highlighter every girl needs in their life, it compliments (the sculpt powder in particular) but any bronzer just perfectly. I have found myself picking this up everyday since I purchased it, it just gives the most seamless luxurious ideal effect possible.

Next is The Balm's Mary Lou Manizer Luminizer. The Balm is a fairly new beauty hype that has seen itself popping up over the beauty blogger scene a lot recently. 
And I for one wanted to see what the hype was about so naturally picked a highlighter (shock) to try first. 
The Mary Lou highlighter is a definitely more of a metallic highlighter and really radiates out light where wanted most when applied to the face. A buttery silky texture (similar to Charlottes Bronze and Glow) I would say this is more obvious highlighter but definitely a good thing if you want to add a lovely sheen and show off areas of the face. Another added bonus is the packaging it's quirky and fun much like Benefits.

Finally Dior's Nude Tan Healthy Glow Enhancing Powder this I find is slightly similar to the Mary Lou, in it's metallic high shine affect.
This was my most used highlighter of 2014, I enjoyed using it because it gave a transparent glow to my skin, which sounds odd but there isn't a whole lot of pigmented colour to this highlighter it just gives off a lovely radiance over any blush or bronze and again would suit any skin colour which with some highlighters isn't always the case!

From left to right, Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstar, The Balm's Mary Lou and Dior's Nude Tan swatches.

So there you go some of my most used favourite highlighters, have you tried any of the above and what's your current most used highlighter? I always like to try and find more to add to my collection!

Emily xoxo
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