Saturday Splurge

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Hi Guys

Hope you have all had a lovely weekend, fortunately I have had a sunny Sunday which is getting me excited for Spring!

Now yesterday my boyfriend and I took a little trip to Cambridge, as I had a few bits on my Mac wish list I wanted to purchase (lucky him). Admittedly I have an extremely tolerant boyfriend, who will follow me round the shops without moaning (although I do try to limit how much I make him come makeup shopping with me, as I am aware it is definitely not a guy thing, but  it's ok I made it up to him by buying him lunch)!  Plus is it just me or do your boyfriends hold your bags he is always very insistent of this which definitely gives him lots of brownie points and makes him an even better boyfriend than he already is, I am very lucky!

Now on to the juicy bit the makeup!

So I may have accidentally fallen in to John Lewis and up the Chanel counter. Chanel has a hold on me, I just cannot help but lust over those beautiful C's! 

I have been, (ever since it was released) crushing on the Chanel's limited edition spring blusher...

Chanel's Camelia Rose Blush... sorry but how dreamy is this blusher! I never want to use it!
It has the softest texture to it, not to mention the beautiful rose pattern embellished onto the product, this pink is perfect for Spring, giving you the perfect healthy flush to your cheeks. 
This is still available in store and online so pick it up before it goes out of stock! 

I was in need of a new eyeliner, and with me I am happy to spend a bit more as they last a long time, and I like eye pencils which don't rub off half way through the day. This one was recommended by my boyfriends lovely sister (thanks Laura)! This always gives beautiful definition to her eyes so I just had to buy it.

Chanel Crayon Khol Pencil  in the shade Noir.
Another plus to this eyeliner, is that it comes with it's own eye pencil sharpener (now who doesn't want a Chanel pencil sharpener)!

Finally my last purchase on the Chanel counter was a nail varnish, there's a few i've had my eyes on, but this has been a high contender for a long time, and seeing as soon it's going to be in the height of brights and pastels I thought this was a must. 

Chanel Le Vernis Nail Colour in the shade Tutti Frutti, I have struggled to find this online so when I saw it on the counter I snapped it up.
How beautiful is this pinky coral shade?     

Lastly the lady gave me a free tester of Chanel's new range of lip colours soon to be launching, and this has to be one of the cutest testers I have ever owned!

Rouge Coco - Ultra hydrating lip colour (I will also be reviewing these soon with swatches)

I then stopped off at Mac first for about half an hour (oops) there's just so much to look and gawp at I wanted to take my time.

Firstly I picked up a pigment and  as it's been out of stock online and i've run out so was kinda a necessity! And a blending brush (as mine has seen better days and it's a staple for my brush collection).
Mac's Vanilla Pigment and 217 Blending brush 

I always have an on going list of lipsticks (like most bloggers) and eyeshadows I want to get, so thought I would tick some off. 
 Lipsticks, I don't know why it is but I get the most satisfied feeling when picking up new Mac Lipsticks, they are just so perfect and shiny I really don't want to use them as they are just too pretty! Now I know it's a bit ridiculous, as the ones I purchased all look similar but I have such an on going obsession with pinky nudes, I just find they complete any day time look, and go so well with most make up looks. I have other adventurous colours on my list which hopefully I will get round to buying soon!

I will be reviewing these more later on in other posts, but above are the 5 shades I picked up. 
(One summer spring shade and four pinky nudes (shock).

Then I thought I'd buy some more refills for my mac palette, so picked up five shades (two of which are actually discontinued, but the lovely girl in Mac, after our conversation of how much we love buying limited edition things, told me she stumbled across these two shades that same day and they are now no longer available... so I had to really (no restraint)!

 (again i'll be reviewing these in my mac palette at a later date).
Left to right - Woodwinked, Orb, Seedy Pearl, Soba and Vellum.

So that rounds off my makeup shopping trip, my bank balance is definitely not my best friend right now, but my makeup collection definitely is!

What are your favourite mac shadows/lipsticks currently. Are any of the above also in your collection?

Emily xoxo

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