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Hi Guys!

Skin care is something I have definitely had my ups and downs with.
I usually get very dry skin during the winter and this lessens and becomes more normal during the summer. 
If i'm honest I never used to take much notice/care of looking after my skin, luckily I am not one to suffer with spots or anything like that, so just used to use a good old make up wipe and a bit of moisturiser and that would be it...
How times have changed!
What I realise now, is that was never helping me or my skin! It was never cleansing my skin thoroughly, and although admittedly if I am ever too tired, or go to my boyfriends I will still use make wipes. My skin routine has most definitely changed and for the better! 
Now I do tend to mix the products I use up but the routine I am going to talk about below is the routine I tend to rely on, and the products I have found that have changed my skin from dry and sensitive to soft and smooth! (which may I add is during the colder seasons too! Winner!)

First off to remove my make up I apply Elemis Pro Collagen Cleansing Balm all over my face, I massage it in to my skin then take my Clarasonic Facial Cleansing Brush to buff in the cleansing balm for a good 20-30 seconds over my face. 

The Elemis cleansing balm has really been a life saver, (face saver more like!) This smells amazing and is full of many nourishing ingredients like starflower, elderberry and optima oils. I would say this is certainly good for people who suffer with dry skin however even though mine is no longer dry it doesn't leave your skin feeling greasy or oily.
The oils within the balm absorb nicely into the skin leaving you with skin feeling so soft and glowy. 
I highly rate this as it has worked wonders for me and continues to keep my skin feeling clean and clear.

 The Clarisonic Facial Brush is a tool I stumbled upon last year, and again I use it religiously. The Clarasonic range is pricey, but you can get all sorts of similar brushes at cheaper prices and they all do the same thing, so if you are on a budget there's definitely some out there in a healthy price range!
I have found since adding this brush to my skin care routine my pores have definitely tightened so they are not as visible, and it has definitely made my skin look and feel much healthier. The vibrating technique massages your cleansing product deep in within the skin so your face really does get a good old clean, and I feel it works much better than just using your hand!

Then I exfoliate (I don't exfoliate every day, I tend to exfoliate twice a week as everyday isn't necessary and can lave your skin feeling raw).
To exfoliate i've been using Germaine de Cappuccino Exfoliating Scrub.

 I love the fact this exfoliator has menthol infused in it so it leaves your skin feeling cool and refreshed, you just apply a small dash and rub into the skin, and then wash off with a flannel or muslin cloth and voila it will remove any dead skin cells, and leave you with a fresh clean completion.

Next I apply some of my Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic onto a cotton wool pad and I sweep this over my face, this is a brilliant primer for your moisturiser and is an essential part of my skincare routine. Not only does this toner smell divine but it contributes itself perfectly into my daily routine.

This toner contains lots of natural skin quenching ingredients, like cucumber, chamomile, aloe vera and extracts of vitamin e which is very soothing for the skin.

Finally I then apply my Liz Earle Skin Repair Moisturiser, now I have the dry/sensitive formula, as I originally purchased this when my skin was very dry (it definitely did help) however, I do continue to use it as there is extra moisture injected in to this product, (as suitable it's for people with dry skin)  so it increases the moisture that I put onto my skin leaving me with radiant, soft, silky happy skin!

So that's my current/most used skin routine, what products do you use on your skin? Have you found anything that has been a staple to your routine?

Emily xoxo
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  1. Great post. A nice selection of products I should probably look into because they look great.


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