Herbie - My wonderful mini Dachshund

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Hi Guys!

So I wanted to mix it up a bit, and talk to you about my most favourite bundle of joy ever!
Herbie  (huge heart emoticon!) 

He was the newest edition to our clan of doggies, incase you didn't already know I am a HUGE dog lover! To the point where I will go up to random strangers and ask if I can stroke their dogs, (I am one of those annoying people!) But seriously I just can't help myself.
We had a total of 4 dogs (crazy dog people) when we got Herbie, he was our second dachshund. And lets just say it was love at first sight!
We drove all the way to Dover to pick him up, considering we live 3 hours away from there, just proves just how much we wanted him!

There was two in Herbie's litter him and his brother, and it broke my heart that we couldn't take his brother home, his brother was black and grey, whereas Herbie had these stunning blue dreamy eyes and a light grey coat with grey patches. His type of breed is commonly known as a dapple dachshund. 
And as soon as I held him we just knew it was meant to be! If i'm honest I don't think I could have left there without him, I am a major weakling when it comes to dogs hence our little clan. 

I don't think it's just me, but does anyone else feel like dogs are the most loving creatures ever, they never judge you, are so loyal and are there to give so much love, I don't understand how there are any people in this world who could ever be cruel to dogs!

It didn't take him long to settle in, our other dachshund Puk soon became matey with Herbs, and they now sleep together which is just the most adorable thing ever!
Herbie has the most gentle kind nature about him, he is now 7 months old and he is just still as cute and gentle as he was from day 1. He LOVES cuddles and I mean loves, he would rather be snuggled on humans than anywhere else, and his best friend is his fluffy duck which he constantly squeaks and when I say constant it really is, we had to buy another one recently as he destroyed his other one through so many continuous squeaks!
He sleeps in a tiny ball in your arms and he is just well and truly scummy. 
If you follow me on Instagram  you will see regular pictures of him just being all long and cute!

You get a lot of crazy cat ladies - I am definitely a crazy dog lady!
I might be bias but he is literally perfect, and you will probably see random updates of the life of my little Herbie!

Are there any other crazy dog lovers?! 

Emily xoxo
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