April Favourites

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Hi Guys,

Firstly sorry for not posting in a while i've been so busy my times been limited, and my nephew Edward (Teddy) is finally here! Born 15th April, so i'm sure you can guess my time has been filled with many baby cuddles and kisses I am so in love he is an absolute beauty!

So we are pretty much at the end of April, and I honestly swear each month goes quicker than the last! And I have some staple favourites I really want to share with you as I have been loving them!

Firstly it would only be fitting to add Teddy in to my April favourites as the majority of my time has been spent cooing over him!

My favourite thing about Teddy is everything (soppy auntie alert!) I love him to pieces his little squeaks and tiny little feet everything about him is amazing and my sister and partner have made another beautiful child!

My favourites

On to the facial side first..

  • Bodyshop Vitamin E Facial Mist 
This mist has been wonderful this month, I have used it every morning and night to keep my skin feeling refreshed. My skin this month has been slightly on the dry side when it came to my cheeks so I have got in a habit of spraying my Real Techniques sponge with a few spritz's of this and then when applying my foundation I find it glides on so smoothly and sets evenly across my face and as there moisture on the sponge it gives my base a light glowy look curing any dryness on the cheeks! (Combined with that I have been trying to drink 2.5 litres of water a day and that has been helping tonnes keeping my skin very hydrated.) 
At night I spray this a few times over my face after cleansing too, it is for me one of the only toners that sinks in and does not irritate my skin, and it is aimed for most skin types so pretty much anyone can give this a whirl and the price tag is a pro too at £8.50 it is definitely up there with the cheaper toners. 

  • Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution
Along with slightly dry cheeks I have been suffering with something I like to call weather red dots! Whenever the weather slightly changes (and it always seems to be in the Month of April) the right side of my faces seems to collect tiny red dots which are spots just little raised bumps which is extremely irritating as they only seem to visit for like 4 weeks then disappear! So I mix up my skincare routine when this happens as I find it seems to help. So I have replaced my cleanser this month with my Dermalogica one, and this has been a saviour. Within days of using this the dots swiftly disappeared I had forgot how much I love this cleanser, it leaves your skin feeling so incredibly smooth and clear. I can't recommend it enough, it also removes my makeup better than any other cleanser I own.
This contains Safflower oil which softens and conditions, and combined with Rosemary and Lemon it helps to refresh and make your skin appear more awake and healthy, and I couldn't back this up more, my skin has been loving this cleanser and it lasts for ages!

This month I have one haircare product which would have to be my no.1 conditioner of all time (big statement!)

  • Pantene Advanced Keratin Repair 
It was a few months back now my friend Ami and I were talking about our favourite haircare products, as girls who both have long hair we are always in search of a good conditioning treatment to help those split dry ends!
She mentioned she had been using the Pantene conditioner and had been really liking it so I thought I would try it out.
It contains Keratin which is a protective layer to help restore your hair creating shine and the most beautiful smell!
I find any hair products with Kertain in are the most moisturising and beneficial to my hair, the comb literally glides through like butter whenever I use this conditioner, ever since using this my split ends have been less and less and my hair feels much more healthier, my hair does not snap as easily and the shine this creates is just divine!

Now on to my April makeup favourites

  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
I purchased this over a month ago, and I haven't not included it in my makeup routine since, this is like magic for the face! Yes, it's got a sickening price tag of £56.00 but in my opinion worth every penny. Made up of 3 sections, Dim light, Incandescent light and Radiant light this is all your face could ever wish for, the effect it creates is so dreamy.
This trio of powders are so finely milled they glide on beautifully to the skin creating that ever so coveted natural lighting affect. These powders give extra dimension to the face and as there are three different lighting shades. This in my opinion is one of the best products there is out there to create glow, natural lighting and an added bit of warmth to the face without it looking over the top or to much going on. 
Dim light the first shade is the only shade without any shimmer particles to it, this I find works perfectly over my foundation, I don't actually need much coverage when using the section of the trio as I found it evens out my skin tone just fine and appears more natural than most setting powders, or mattifying powders.
Incandescent is the highlighter section to this trio, and one of my most used highlighters currently, I find like the first shade this gives such a natural glow, it doesn't contain any heavy glitter particles so feels light on the areas I choose to highlight, this has the most beautiful pinkish sheen to it too it really does look gorgeous when applied. 
And finally Radiant light is a golden beige shade which contains tiny golden shimmer particles, I find this is perfect for adding a bit of extra depth to my contour as it contains a small amount of shimmer it compliments any matte contour shade perfectly giving a sun kissed effect perfect for summertime!

  • Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
I am for sure more of a brush girl when it comes to applying my foundation, however I decided to mix it up a bit and repurchase a Real Techniques sponge, as my previous one was a little bit old and covered in foundation. I have been using this with my Vitamin E mist (which has also been keeping the sponge very clean) and I have to say we have been getting along just fine! I forgot how easy and quick it is using this sponge, it really transfers foundation evenly on to the skin and the pro this has is there are no brush streaks, and it's a flat surface so gives a more even soft affect. I find when using this sponge you can easily build up your foundation or keep in to a minimum with applying, whereas with a brush once it picks up to much product you struggle to get it off the brush and have to end up using it anyway. 

  • Lancome Star Bronzer
I use this bronzer pretty much everyday, but as my face seems to be collecting more colour as we creep in to warmer seasons I have started loving it even more. It is the perfect matte bronzer for adding that extra bit of warmth/colour to the face, and it has lasted forever it is huge! 30g which for a bronzer is pretty impressive! I sweep this on my temples down my neck over my nose and cheeks just to warm up my foundation a bit and I find this isn't a heavy or orangey bronzer, it creates a natural bronze that extra bit of colour without over doing it, and I know I will be using this throughout summer too, to try and maintain my tan.

  • Clarins Instant Lip Balm Perfector 
Every morning I use this before I do anything to my face to add a bit of moisture and tint to my lips before I apply any lip liner or lipstick. I discovered this last month and it is my most used lip balm currently as there is no stickiness or over glossiness. I love the pretty pink packaging and the sweet scent this lip balm has. I bought this in the shade 03 my pink and it has a very subtle pink colour pay off so nothing to over the top or obvious, some days I use this by itself and others before I apply my lipstick as it really is super moisturising. 

  • Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in the shade Painterly
I have again rediscovered another product this month, my Mac pro longwear paint pot. This is one of the most perfect eye primers, I usually go straight for my urban decay primer however these past few weeks I have really been loving my Painterly pot. It has such a neutral tone to it is hides any redness on the lids and sets a perfect natural base for when applying colour over the top, and this also makes my chosen eyeshadow colour/look last the whole day which is pretty impressive for a primer. This is also great if you want a more natural eye look and don't want to do anything to much to your eyes, you can just swipe a bit of this over your lids and add your mascara and you are good to go!

  • Mac Sable and All That Glitters
I have pretty much finished my mac palette only 1 more to go and this really excites me as it's an excuse to start a new one! (naughty but what a great feeling!) I am proud of my palette as every single colour gets so much use out of me.
Currently I have been loving sable which is a shimmery bronze colour with plumb undertones and it is one of my favourites of my entire Mac collection, is just such an easy shade to apply for a day to day look and is one of the Mac shades which doesn't actually need any other colour to accompany it as it looks perfect by itself.
All That Glitters is probably in my top 3 most used Mac eye colours. It is such a stunning shade I use it in most of my eye looks. It is a champagne colour with a slight peach undertone to it, I have even used this a highlighter before as it has such a gorgeous veluxe pearl finish to it. 

That rounds up my April favourites, what have you been currently loving this month??

Emily xoxo


Spring Nails


So we are now at the time of year where we start to swap our winter clothes for summer clothes, we show a little more skin and start swapping the darker colours for the brighter and lighter ones! 
As soon as the sun starts to make more of an appearance and the temperature starts to rise, it's definitely a green light for pastel nails, lighter makeup and a general change in your daily routine!

So when Secretly Megan and I were talking, we both said how much we loved spring time nails, and so with that decided to pick our top 5 spring/summer nail polishes. 
Now I have to admit this was ridiculously hard, I myself along with my sister probably own well over 150 different nail varnishes! So I really had to think long and hard about which ones I really love most, if I could include more I would have but then we would be here all day!

My Top 5 Are...

1.) Essie's Nice is Nice 

This is one of many pastel purples I own! However I picked this colour because firstly Essie nail polishes are one of my favourite brands. This is such a soft lavender creamy cool purple, it is so easy to apply, the brush is thin so it doesn't make the formula become sticky or gloopy, the formula itself is also quite a thin consistency. I normal apply 3 coats with this shade as it is quite pale when first applied, but don't be fooled once you have layered this it becomes such a fresh colour despite the cool hue. It is ideal for the spring months and it has a creamy effect giving it that on trend pastel vibe. 

2.) O.P.I's Italian Love Affair

I remember discovering this polish through my friend Alice, she was wearing it on her nails and I remember her having a bit of a tan at the time and I was truly wowed by this pink. It hands down is my favourite pinky shade. This colour is really pigmented which I didn't expect it to be when first applying it. It is without a doubt my go to polish for summertime, because when you have a bit of a tan this colour really stands out more on the nails and really compliments darker skin tones. 
It has the lightest pearlescence shine to it making it multi dimensional allowing the sun to catch perfectly on the flecks of shine. The name really suits this colour as I would describe this shade as a romantic soft pink. I use two coats when applying this and I find that an ideal amount, what I also love about this polish is with me it doesn't chip easily which for any girl is a pet hate! No one likes a chip-able nail polish .

3.) Essie's Blanc

Now a white nail polish is not to everyones taste, if I was to apply this in the winter I would look like Casper the ghosts best mate! Not a good look! But this all changes when it hits mid spring/summertime. I don't know what it is about my skin as soon as the sun appears my skin instantly starts to turn a golden colour which I am not complaining about, I love having a sun kissed glow, but as soon as the temperature drops and the sun goes away my skin turns so creamy and pale. I picked this shade up last summer and I wore it so much! It really brought our my tan more and I had so many compliments on it. It's quite a basic colour, the colour pay off is as it is in the bottle - white! Again with this I used about 3 coats. 
I also love wearing this on my fourth nail to mix it up a bit so on the other 3 nails and thumb I would usually go for a pink, or a mint as it looks good contrasted with other colours.

4.) Chanel's Tutti Fruiti

The brightest of my 5 picks. This caught my eye last summer, but it was close to September and didn't think I would wear it that much over the autumn winter months so I waited until February March time. I was browsing the Chanel counter and it caught my eye again and I had to buy it. This is the prettiest coral. It is softer than most coral colours, I wouldn't say extremely bright, it has more of a muted pinky tone than other corals which normally seem to have reddy tones to them. I needed 3 layers with this, as although it looks pigmented the consistency is quite thin, but once applied 3 times and with a top coat the staying power I find is amazing with this. Seeing as this is more of a high end nail polish that would be what I expected when paying more money. This I think would look lovely on lighter and darker skin tones, as the colour is so versatile it co-ords with many different looks. 

5.) Barry M's Eat My Dust

Finally the last of my picks. I am sure most of you will have seen Barry M earlier this year released their 'Speedy Quick Dry' range, and my does this live up to the name! I have somehow collected quite a few of this range as it's one range Barry M have done that I have seemed to fall in love with near on every colour! This also has to be one of my favourite ranges for quality. I picked this colour because it is the most stunning pale creamy pastel blue. It is such a delicate powder blue with grey undertones, I have found myself wearing this so much! The other brownie point Barry M get for this range is the new brush! It is flat and wider so means half the time when applying nail polish. This colour along with the rest of the range is a staple pastel for me I love a pastel blue nail and this has to be one of my favourites because it is so creamy and really shouts hello spring!

L-R O.P.I Italian Love Affair, Essie Nice is Nice, Barry M Eat My Dust, Essie Blanc, Chanel Tutti Fruiti

So that concludes my top 5 spring/summer nail colours! I hope you enjoyed reading let me know what your favourite spring nails are! Be sure to see more spring/summer inspired posts coming soon! Please check out the other half of this collab  over at Secretly Megan to see her top 5 :)

Emily xoxo

A Crafty Easter

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Hi Guys!

Firstly Happy Easter!! I hope those of you who do celebrate it, are having a lovely day filled with yummy chocolate and general lovliness!

Today I wanted to do a post slightly off the topic of beauty. Seeing as it's Easter and that's a time to spend with your family I wanted to dedicate my post to my wonderful sister, and share with you some of her wonderful Spring Easter creations. 

I often get asked a lot where some of the vases/jars and other bits you will see below are purchased from, when in fact they aren't shop bought (unless stated) they are all homemade by my sister Nicki. 

Now she does not give herself enough credit. I think she is super talented, and everyday there is always something new she has baked or crafted and she is just an absolutely wonderful person!
There is rarely a time she isn't busying herself with her netxt project, she is a craft queen who has a massive passion for making creating and baking!

I think its fair to say she was the sister blessed with creativity I however was not! 
So first of all I will show you where the magic truly happens....

This sign was purchased from one of the stalls from Bury St Edmunds Christmas Market. 

This room is just pure beauty, no pictures do it justice. It is crammed in every nook, full of ribbon, thread, twine, buttons, pins you name it's in there!
She designed the room herself and over time collected bits and bobs and 2 years ago the Craft Room was finished. 

On to the making...

Ever since she was little through to school, she just wanted to draw and create she was never really interested in anything else but that, and that has continued up to today! What is really sweet is my niece, Matilda is exactly the same, she has such a huge passion for making and creating like most kids I suppose, but she sees her mummy doing it all the time and wants to be just like her it's so adorable. 

The Decoupage Pot

This is so cute she painted a simple plant pot and incorporated napkins flowers on using decoupage glue and finally distressed it with sandpaper. The strawberries and gingham fabric are filled with fluff and sewn up to create a strawberry, simple yet beautiful. Our house is full of these beautiful pots, and you can fill them with anything from flowers to stationary to paintbrushes.

For the Peter Rabbit themed pots, she used the same technique, and these were used as easter gifts which are I think are adorable.

Burlap Bunting

       For this she uses Burlap that she cuts in to upside down triangles, for the left hand side picture she used string and fabric to create the hanging garland combined with bunting. And for the other she used lace to line the tops, and acrylic paint on the each triangle and then stencilled on a heart and painted that a darker pink. 
This is so perfect for weddings, little girls bedrooms and general house decor, especially if you are one for the shabby chic effect. 

I just love love love this one. Her Spring bunting is pride and place in our living room. 
This is made up of two seperate garlands. Firstly to create the rainbow garland affect she used pastel coloured tissue paper and made individual hanging tassels that are looped on to string. 
Then to create the burlap flags, she transferred the burlap on to felt to secure it, she then sewed it together and finally she free handed each letter on to the felt and cut them out and placed them on to the burlap. If this doesn't scream Spring mantel decor I don't know what does!

Easter nest centre piece 

This is actually 2 years old, but whenever this brought out It truly feels like Easter time in our household, who doesn't love a centre piece?!

This was a really fun one to make, my sister and my niece went foraging for sticks, which Matilda thought was the best thing ever! They collected lots and then she gently bent them in to different sized circles varying from small to big, she layered them on top of each other and secured them with florists wire. She then added moss (from the forest) and feathers and little waxed flowers in between any holes and gaps to give is a real nest-esque effect.
For the eggs she bought different sized wooden ones, hand painted them with various pastel acrylic paints, and with an old toothbrush she dipped it into different coloured paints to created the speckled effect. 

The Glass Jar

I have many of these everywhere! They are so quaint and scream prettiness. I use them for my makeup brushes and stationary and also use them as a vase for my flowers.

To create this, she just bought your average jar, which you can buy anywhere, and bought various sheets of floral fabric off the internet. She started with the letter using her stamping kit she stamped the words on to a cut out square piece of fabric first, then she transferred both pieces of fabric together by using the sewing technique. To secure the fabric to the jar she used pva glue. For the top picture she used twine to complete the finished look round the lip of the jar, and for the bottom picture she used ribbon. 

Easter  jars

How cute are these, and such a cheaper way to create the perfect easter gift!

These again were you average jar, she spray painted the lids and bought little animal figurines (easter themed of course) and spray painted those too, then glued them on to the lids, and just shredded up some tissue paper and popped that in the bottom of the jar and added little chocolate eggs. As a finishing touch tied some ribbon round the top. 

The Ball Mason Jar

My absolute favourite, I think we quite very possibly have every colour ball mason jar in our house.
These have become very popular as i'm sure many of you will have seen these become a huge hit all over Pinterest showing just how one jar can be so versatile!
She ordered hers from America (by the bulk as it was cheaper) and simply used her acrylic paint to coat the jar and distressed it with sandpaper. To pretty it up more she added lace round the top and there you have it your very own homemade jar! We always use ours for flowers, and flowers are our Saturday tradition. 

And that rounds up this crafty post! I hope you have enjoyed reading something different, if anyone is interested in any of the above my sister has her own little business and her email is 

If anyone would like to see a baking inspired post / floral inspired post let me know!
Enjoy the rest of your Easter Sunday!

Emily xoxo

Lush Easter

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Hi Guys!

So it's Easter Sunday tomorrow and I really can't believe it has come round so fast it's actually quite scary! Easter is all about the chocolate, but something I relate Easter with also is LUSH! Lush do the most beautiful range of Easter products and it's probably one of my favourite themed ranges they do. 

So when I visited my local Lush store recently it was only right I picked up a few of their current Spring/Easter related products. I will say if you have a local Lush store nearby and haven't purchased any of their current Easter range get there quick before they discontinue for the year!
I really love how quirky Lush are with their ideas for bath products they always smell so damn delicious and I am a sucker for a bath bomb or two! You cannot beat some 'you time' in the evenings with one of their products they are so moisturisng and nourishing on the skin and they leave the sweestest of scents which really soak in and last for hours. 

So first up when I took a little visit I purchased 7 items, 2 of which I duplicated just because I thought they were cute and I knew my sister would appreciate them, as she too is a Lush fanatic!

So first the first Lush easter gem that caught my eye was the infamous Bunch of Carrots probably one of my favourites as they re release these at the same time every year, I just like the concept of these and they are Easter all over, the Easter bunny loves a carrot!! These smell devine, these are under the bubble bar products. You get three and for £5.95 I think that's pretty good. With these you run the bath and swirl them around in the water to create lots of sweet scented bubbles. 
This scent makes me so happy, I know sad right?! But they are infused with fruity pure yummy-ness a mixture of lemon and grapefruit which leaves your bath smelling heavenly, you won't actually won't to get out!

Next on my little spree I picked up Immaculate Eggception Pink the mother of all bath bombs this is huge! The idea is to break the egg in to two, which leaves you with two halves and inside another bath bomb which is a chick so three for the price of one! I haven't used this yet, and I don't remember seeing it in last years Easter release so I am excited to use this. The scent to this bomb is full of zest and smells super refreshing, it's pink with yellow spots on one side and blue on the other so my guess is these little treats will leave the bath full of a mixture of vibrant colours. 

Next up this little beauty really caught my eye! I couldn't resist buying two of these, they just look so magical and mystical, the Golden Egg. This enchanting bath melt is packed full of glitter which will leave you looking like a glitter ball... but who doesn't love a bit of glitter now and again?! This egg is  jammed full of cocoa butter and with a toffee scent combined with bergamot and orange oils it leaves your skin feeling softer than soft and like it has had a right old treat!

Next I purchased Fluffy Egg now the only way to describe the scent of this is it really is similar to Candy Mountain and Snow Angel shower gel, it is infused with Candy Floss scents so if you are one for the sweet scents then this is for you! This is a bomb so it fizzes the prettiest pinky colour in to the water so you really do feel you are laying in a sweety, happy, candy world bath! 

Lastly on my little trip I thought this was super cute so picked up two of Hoppity Poppity a really sweet rabbit themed bath bomb. This bomb contains lavender and violet some of my favourite scents, and you feel so relaxed when adding this to the water.  It also contains popping candy so the rabbit hops and pops all over the bath and especially for little ones it is a fun experience. The Violet is really cleansing as it is antibacterial so if you are look for something to make you feel throughly cleansed go for this!

So that rounds up my little Lush Easter haul, did you purchase any of the Lush Easter range if so what was your favourites?

Emily xoxo


My go to makeup look, high end and drugstore


Hi Guys!

I have various everyday go to looks, but I thought I would share a mixture of a high end and drugstore brand everyday look. I am a bit of a high end hoarder when it comes to makeup I just cannot help myself, however I am all for finding drugstore steals, and dupes that can work just as well as high end. 

Most mornings I tend to cleanse before anything else, just to ensure my face is fresh and clear of any impurities (even though I cleanse in the evenings) I just feel it's an important step to take in the mornings too, as it makes my face feel super smooth and clean.

Next I apply my primer, I was never one to include primer in to my routine, but if you read my previous post you will know now I am all about the primers! Currently I have been using a drugstore primer Gosh Prime n Set, I apply this with my real techniques bold metals powder brush, I have done a post all about this primer so if you want to know how good it is take a look! This mattes out the base of my face so there is no shine when applying my foundation, I just sweep it over my forehead nose cheeks and chin and I am good to go to add my foundation.

The foundation I tend to use most days when I am at work is Maybellines Dream Satin Liquid in the shade Ivory, this colour is not your usual ivory colour (in my opinion) I am quite pale through the winter/spring months so tend to use a lighter foundation in these seasons. But this foundation is slightly warmer so I only apply a translucent powder after. 
The finish of this foundation is luminous and although it gives a full coverage it doesn't feel heavy on the skin it feels very light for the creamy consistency when pumped out. For an alternative higher end brand it would have to be my Mac Studio Fix, but this is definitely a good cheap alternative which I get a lot of use out of, to apply I use my real techniques buffing brush.

I haven't added a picture of a concealer, as with this foundation I actually find it lightening under the eyes, but the collection lasting perfecting concealer is one I use the majority of the time or NARS as they are both amazing coverage and cover up any dark circles.

Next I dust over the Gosh powder as this sets my foundation and keeps any possible shine at bay. You do not have to take this step as applying this powder as a primer will already demolish any shine on the face, I just add a tiny bit after my foundation to secure it. 

I then move on to my cheeks, and I couldn't not include this product! Charlotte Tilbury's Filmstar Bronze and Glow, this is a steep statement but if I had to pick one favourite makeup product this would be it! It is the epitome of beautiful. I just love how you can contour, bronze and highlight with this duo. The two sections within this palette are sculpt and highlight, the sculpt shade I use to contour the hollows of my cheeks, I use my Zoeva contour brush for this, it gives a gorgeous contour line with tiny shimmer particles, but they are barely noticeable. I  contour the sides on my forehead too and blend both my cheeks and forehead out, I then apply the highlight to the bridge on my nose, cupids bow and cheekbones, the highlight of this palette is so natural it really does give you the healthiest glow. 

Then I apply my brows, to do this I have been using my Anastasia Beverley Hills Dipbrow Pomade which I talked about in my March favourites. I love this stuff, it's so easy to shape your brows with, I actually have my brows done monthly, I have HD brows, which if you have never had before I would highly recommend. HD involves tinting, waxing, threading, trimming and plucking, the whole shabang! But it's so worth it, my brows are dark naturally but HD keeps them tidy and defined and It's one thing I am addicted to! The promade for me keeps them dark and perfects the shape even more.

The next step in my routine is then the eyes! It was hard picking an everyday eye makeup as I have so many but it has to be my Urban Decay Naked 2 palette. Heaven!
I just love every single shade within this palette, they are mainly metallic shimmery shades, but there are a few matte colours which I use to blend in the crease. 
The shades I use in my everyday look are, Foxy for the base as this is a matte cream so it neutralises any redness and is a good primer to set the lids before adding any darker colours. I then apply Half Bake over the whole lid, then add Snakebite to the outer corners blending inwards, I then apply Suspect through the crease to give definition between the gold and brown as this is an ideal colour for contrasting the two main colours, I add a busted to the outer corner but only a tiny bit and I smudge that in and finally add Tease to the crease to blend all the colours out and give a natural eye makeup look so there are no harsh lines of colour. I like this eye look most because it can be as subtle or dramatic as you make it, the palette has so many different colours to achieve so many different looks. 

Shades l-r Foxy, Half Baked, Booty Call, Chopper and Tease

Shades l-r Snakebite, Suspect, Pistol, Verve, YDK, Busted, half of Blackout

Half Baked, Tease, Snakebite and Suspect

 then use my Lancome eye liner in the waterline, this is an incredible eyeliner which is long lasting, and good for defining any eye makeup look. I use my Soap and Glory Supercat liquid eyeliner for the top lash line, this is perfect for creating those eye flicks which even now I have good days and bad days! But the nib on this is so easy to work with, it makes creating those damn flicks that much easier!
Then to complete my eye look I add Loreal's Voluminous mascara. This mascara is such a steal within the drugstore brands, it's such a great mascara for creating dark voluminous lashes, as the name would suggest, the head on this mascara separates your lashes wonderfully making each one 5 times longer than usual.

Lastly the lips, my favourite everyday go to colour would have to be Mac's Honeylove lipstick the most wonderful nude this colour goes with pretty much every look, it's so versatile and doesn't take over your whole makeup look. It's a warm creamy nude which gives a soft matte finish, I use Mac's lipliner in the shade Whirl to outline my lips when using Honeylove, even though it seems darker it's not a huge contrast, as Honeylove is darker when applied to the lips than on the skin, Whirl brings the lip look together perfectly, complimenting the warm tones in this lipstick with the slightly more darker tones in the liner.

So there you have it my popular everyday go to look! Do you have any favourite everyday go to products? 

Emily xoxo


Gosh Prime 'N' Set

I have collected over the past year a fair few primers, and my skin has definitely changed over this period. Currently my skin is combination and sometimes I have a more oily t zone, so I am always keeping my eyes peeled for a mattifying primer. 
I was recently browsing the isles in Superdrug and came across Gosh Prime 'N' Set powder for £9.99 I thought this was a bit of a bargain and the texture felt so silky and soft, I may as well buy and give it a whirl.

What is great about this primer is your foundation goes on so smoothly after applying the powder to your face, I was a little bit worried about powdering first as this is quite backwards in any makeup routine and worried my foundation might stick to the powder and not seem even and maybe blotchy, however this is the total opposite, my foundation goes on so evenly and there is no shine what so ever, the affect this primer gives is such good value for money, it's one of the best primers I have ever used (and there's been a few!) Usually I would need to powder throughout the day, but I rarely have to touch my  face up when using this.
I apply this over the whole of my face, you don't need much as the powder blends generously all over and I brush section by section starting on my t zone, and working the brush over my forehead, cheeks and chin, so I usually only use the excess on the brush, for me that is enough. I then apply my foundation buff that in for a good few minutes and then apply a tiny bit more of the Gosh powder, and that sets my make up for the whole day.

If you are looking for a primer which will keep oil and bay and keep the shine to a minimum, then I would highly recommend this, it's translucent so doesn't give your face a ghostly pale affect. I warm up my face with bronzer anyway, and always use a highlight to create a natural looking glow, this isn't necessary for everyone, it's just incorporated in to my usual makeup routine. 

Have you got any primers you swear by? I hope you enjoyed this review, keep your eyes peeled for some new posts over April.

Emily xoxo


March Favourites

Hi Guys!

I seriously can't believe March is over, where did that month go?! Here's hoping we have a slightly more Springlike April, as March was a bit of a let down!

Anyway, I have put together a few of the bits and bobs I have been loving this month, it was difficult choosing as I had a few so I have whittled it down!

First up we have a hair product, and this is something I seriously cannot live without now when washing my hair I swear by this!

  • Garnier Ultimate Blends - This stuff is incredible, I had never been one to use oil products after washing my hair until I started to see a few reviews pop up about this, so I thought I would give it ago. As I have ombre hair and my ends are blonde they do tend to become a lot more dryer than usual and this had been advised to really inject added moisture into the hair. It has multi use you do not have to use after washing, if you add it pre wash it pre nourishes your hair leaving it feeling super soft after, if you add it after it gives heat protection up to 230c meaning if you are one to dry your hair it won't get as damaged if you use this first. I find this gives my hair added shine, it acts as a conditioner too making it much more simple to comb my hair after I have washed it. Most of all this really has kept the ends of my hair healthy, they don't break as easier and it literally smells divine! You can buy it here.
Next is my March makeup favourites!

  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in the shade dark brown - Again I had seen a number of promising reviews on ABH brow pomade, and after my fellow blogging friend makeupwithcaits did a review she highly recommended it and I was sold! I got the shade dark brown and this is an exact match to my brow colour, however if you want to build it you can. I was for sure more of a powder girl when it came to brows, but this is a cream/matte formula and I bought the ABH 2 in 1 angled brow brush and brow comb, which works perfectly with this product. I have ever since been using this in replace of my powder, it is just so easy to apply, such a nice consistency it's not to heavy and it makes your brows look much tidier as the cream formula sets your brow hairs, so they are more together but the finish is matte so they don't look at all false or shiny. I brush my brows before applying as I find this works best then again after so it blends the product through each hair, giving a more tidier perfected look. There are so many different shades you won't struggle to find one which matches your brow colour! You can buy this here.

  • Benefit Rollerlash Mascara - This was the new mascara recently launched by Benefit, and mascara is something they don't tend release much, only 3 in the whole time the brand has been about. Elle did a magazine addition with a free sample (when I say sample, it isn't really I have been using it daily for at least 5 weeks and it's still going strong!) . I have to say out of all the Benefit mascaras this one is my favourite by miles. This gives volume, length and curls your lashes tremendously making them stand out making them a focal point to your face. The packaging on the full size mascara is very similar to hair rollers, which seems to link the theme of the mascara together as the colour is a retro pink and the spoolie reminds me very much of hair rollers too! What I love about the head of this mascara brush is the bristles are very thin meaning each lash gets an even coating, and the head really grips on to your lashes whereas on a number of other mascara heads they tend to be thicker which ends up giving you clumpy lashes. My only down point to this mascara is I find it very difficult to remove, which for some would definitely be a positive it does stick to your lashes even though it doesn't claim to be waterproof, I have found it is so far! You can buy it here.

  • Loracs Pro Palette - This again had become familiar to me seeing if appear over Instagram and blog posts, as an American brand it's not exactly easy to get hold of, however Ebay happened to have a few from UK sellers and at 12.50 I kind of had to! This palette is so incredibly versatile there are so many ranges of shades which are me all over, mainly nudes darker and light, you really are not stuck for choice, the top row are all matte shades and the bottom and shimmer metallics. This palette is so pigmented which for the price I didn't think it would be, the matte shades I use to blend in the crease, or act as a base before I incorporate the other shades on to the lid. This palette has a mirror to which is handy for when you are on the go.  There are a few different palettes which have different shades, so I may have to invest in them sometime soon!

  • Liz Earle's Radiant Glow Bronzer - This isn't a new product of mine, lets just say I rediscovered it a lot this month. This is a multi toned bronzer which acts as a contour and highlight or when swirled together applies a flawless radiant natural looking glow to the face. I forgot how beautiful this bronzer is, it really is the perfect bronzer for any skin tone as the four quarters are all different tones of bronze, the shimmery quarters give out such a sun kissed highlight and this is buildable, so it doesn't make you look orangey or cakey, you can apply less for a natural glow or more say if you have been away and want to add a more bronzed depth to your face. You can buy this here.

  • Mac's Lipstick in the shade Blankety - This lippie is an ideal spring/summer shade, it's very similar to Mac's Honeylove just slightly lighter. This has an amplified finish which gives off a nice shine and is very mousturizing when applied to the lips. This colour is such an easy shade to wear as it's a nude with a very slight pinky peach undertone, so is more subtle than some of the other nude Mac shades. I have been wearing this lots this month, as we are now heading into real Spring I prefer the lighter colours on my lips, plus I have had a few compliments as it's such a natural colour with a gorgeous shine to it, you can buy this here.

  • YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush in the shade 9 - I love love love this lip product it is quite possibly the prettiest pink I have ever found for a lip shade it gives  off such a nice pinky pop of colour! This can be used on the lips and cheek, I personally have yet to try it on the cheeks, but it is so beautiful when applied to the lips. When you first put it on it feels creamy and velvety, but it sets and gives off a flawless satin/matte finish, but does not dry out the lips, but strangely feels very moisturised. I will be trying this soon on my cheeks and will update this review then! You can buy this here.

So that is my March favourites, what have you been loving this month?

Emily xoxo

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