April Favourites

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Hi Guys,

Firstly sorry for not posting in a while i've been so busy my times been limited, and my nephew Edward (Teddy) is finally here! Born 15th April, so i'm sure you can guess my time has been filled with many baby cuddles and kisses I am so in love he is an absolute beauty!

So we are pretty much at the end of April, and I honestly swear each month goes quicker than the last! And I have some staple favourites I really want to share with you as I have been loving them!

Firstly it would only be fitting to add Teddy in to my April favourites as the majority of my time has been spent cooing over him!

My favourite thing about Teddy is everything (soppy auntie alert!) I love him to pieces his little squeaks and tiny little feet everything about him is amazing and my sister and partner have made another beautiful child!

My favourites

On to the facial side first..

  • Bodyshop Vitamin E Facial Mist 
This mist has been wonderful this month, I have used it every morning and night to keep my skin feeling refreshed. My skin this month has been slightly on the dry side when it came to my cheeks so I have got in a habit of spraying my Real Techniques sponge with a few spritz's of this and then when applying my foundation I find it glides on so smoothly and sets evenly across my face and as there moisture on the sponge it gives my base a light glowy look curing any dryness on the cheeks! (Combined with that I have been trying to drink 2.5 litres of water a day and that has been helping tonnes keeping my skin very hydrated.) 
At night I spray this a few times over my face after cleansing too, it is for me one of the only toners that sinks in and does not irritate my skin, and it is aimed for most skin types so pretty much anyone can give this a whirl and the price tag is a pro too at £8.50 it is definitely up there with the cheaper toners. 

  • Dermalogica Essential Cleansing Solution
Along with slightly dry cheeks I have been suffering with something I like to call weather red dots! Whenever the weather slightly changes (and it always seems to be in the Month of April) the right side of my faces seems to collect tiny red dots which are spots just little raised bumps which is extremely irritating as they only seem to visit for like 4 weeks then disappear! So I mix up my skincare routine when this happens as I find it seems to help. So I have replaced my cleanser this month with my Dermalogica one, and this has been a saviour. Within days of using this the dots swiftly disappeared I had forgot how much I love this cleanser, it leaves your skin feeling so incredibly smooth and clear. I can't recommend it enough, it also removes my makeup better than any other cleanser I own.
This contains Safflower oil which softens and conditions, and combined with Rosemary and Lemon it helps to refresh and make your skin appear more awake and healthy, and I couldn't back this up more, my skin has been loving this cleanser and it lasts for ages!

This month I have one haircare product which would have to be my no.1 conditioner of all time (big statement!)

  • Pantene Advanced Keratin Repair 
It was a few months back now my friend Ami and I were talking about our favourite haircare products, as girls who both have long hair we are always in search of a good conditioning treatment to help those split dry ends!
She mentioned she had been using the Pantene conditioner and had been really liking it so I thought I would try it out.
It contains Keratin which is a protective layer to help restore your hair creating shine and the most beautiful smell!
I find any hair products with Kertain in are the most moisturising and beneficial to my hair, the comb literally glides through like butter whenever I use this conditioner, ever since using this my split ends have been less and less and my hair feels much more healthier, my hair does not snap as easily and the shine this creates is just divine!

Now on to my April makeup favourites

  • Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
I purchased this over a month ago, and I haven't not included it in my makeup routine since, this is like magic for the face! Yes, it's got a sickening price tag of £56.00 but in my opinion worth every penny. Made up of 3 sections, Dim light, Incandescent light and Radiant light this is all your face could ever wish for, the effect it creates is so dreamy.
This trio of powders are so finely milled they glide on beautifully to the skin creating that ever so coveted natural lighting affect. These powders give extra dimension to the face and as there are three different lighting shades. This in my opinion is one of the best products there is out there to create glow, natural lighting and an added bit of warmth to the face without it looking over the top or to much going on. 
Dim light the first shade is the only shade without any shimmer particles to it, this I find works perfectly over my foundation, I don't actually need much coverage when using the section of the trio as I found it evens out my skin tone just fine and appears more natural than most setting powders, or mattifying powders.
Incandescent is the highlighter section to this trio, and one of my most used highlighters currently, I find like the first shade this gives such a natural glow, it doesn't contain any heavy glitter particles so feels light on the areas I choose to highlight, this has the most beautiful pinkish sheen to it too it really does look gorgeous when applied. 
And finally Radiant light is a golden beige shade which contains tiny golden shimmer particles, I find this is perfect for adding a bit of extra depth to my contour as it contains a small amount of shimmer it compliments any matte contour shade perfectly giving a sun kissed effect perfect for summertime!

  • Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge
I am for sure more of a brush girl when it comes to applying my foundation, however I decided to mix it up a bit and repurchase a Real Techniques sponge, as my previous one was a little bit old and covered in foundation. I have been using this with my Vitamin E mist (which has also been keeping the sponge very clean) and I have to say we have been getting along just fine! I forgot how easy and quick it is using this sponge, it really transfers foundation evenly on to the skin and the pro this has is there are no brush streaks, and it's a flat surface so gives a more even soft affect. I find when using this sponge you can easily build up your foundation or keep in to a minimum with applying, whereas with a brush once it picks up to much product you struggle to get it off the brush and have to end up using it anyway. 

  • Lancome Star Bronzer
I use this bronzer pretty much everyday, but as my face seems to be collecting more colour as we creep in to warmer seasons I have started loving it even more. It is the perfect matte bronzer for adding that extra bit of warmth/colour to the face, and it has lasted forever it is huge! 30g which for a bronzer is pretty impressive! I sweep this on my temples down my neck over my nose and cheeks just to warm up my foundation a bit and I find this isn't a heavy or orangey bronzer, it creates a natural bronze that extra bit of colour without over doing it, and I know I will be using this throughout summer too, to try and maintain my tan.

  • Clarins Instant Lip Balm Perfector 
Every morning I use this before I do anything to my face to add a bit of moisture and tint to my lips before I apply any lip liner or lipstick. I discovered this last month and it is my most used lip balm currently as there is no stickiness or over glossiness. I love the pretty pink packaging and the sweet scent this lip balm has. I bought this in the shade 03 my pink and it has a very subtle pink colour pay off so nothing to over the top or obvious, some days I use this by itself and others before I apply my lipstick as it really is super moisturising. 

  • Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot in the shade Painterly
I have again rediscovered another product this month, my Mac pro longwear paint pot. This is one of the most perfect eye primers, I usually go straight for my urban decay primer however these past few weeks I have really been loving my Painterly pot. It has such a neutral tone to it is hides any redness on the lids and sets a perfect natural base for when applying colour over the top, and this also makes my chosen eyeshadow colour/look last the whole day which is pretty impressive for a primer. This is also great if you want a more natural eye look and don't want to do anything to much to your eyes, you can just swipe a bit of this over your lids and add your mascara and you are good to go!

  • Mac Sable and All That Glitters
I have pretty much finished my mac palette only 1 more to go and this really excites me as it's an excuse to start a new one! (naughty but what a great feeling!) I am proud of my palette as every single colour gets so much use out of me.
Currently I have been loving sable which is a shimmery bronze colour with plumb undertones and it is one of my favourites of my entire Mac collection, is just such an easy shade to apply for a day to day look and is one of the Mac shades which doesn't actually need any other colour to accompany it as it looks perfect by itself.
All That Glitters is probably in my top 3 most used Mac eye colours. It is such a stunning shade I use it in most of my eye looks. It is a champagne colour with a slight peach undertone to it, I have even used this a highlighter before as it has such a gorgeous veluxe pearl finish to it. 

That rounds up my April favourites, what have you been currently loving this month??

Emily xoxo

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