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Hi Guys!

So it's Easter Sunday tomorrow and I really can't believe it has come round so fast it's actually quite scary! Easter is all about the chocolate, but something I relate Easter with also is LUSH! Lush do the most beautiful range of Easter products and it's probably one of my favourite themed ranges they do. 

So when I visited my local Lush store recently it was only right I picked up a few of their current Spring/Easter related products. I will say if you have a local Lush store nearby and haven't purchased any of their current Easter range get there quick before they discontinue for the year!
I really love how quirky Lush are with their ideas for bath products they always smell so damn delicious and I am a sucker for a bath bomb or two! You cannot beat some 'you time' in the evenings with one of their products they are so moisturisng and nourishing on the skin and they leave the sweestest of scents which really soak in and last for hours. 

So first up when I took a little visit I purchased 7 items, 2 of which I duplicated just because I thought they were cute and I knew my sister would appreciate them, as she too is a Lush fanatic!

So first the first Lush easter gem that caught my eye was the infamous Bunch of Carrots probably one of my favourites as they re release these at the same time every year, I just like the concept of these and they are Easter all over, the Easter bunny loves a carrot!! These smell devine, these are under the bubble bar products. You get three and for £5.95 I think that's pretty good. With these you run the bath and swirl them around in the water to create lots of sweet scented bubbles. 
This scent makes me so happy, I know sad right?! But they are infused with fruity pure yummy-ness a mixture of lemon and grapefruit which leaves your bath smelling heavenly, you won't actually won't to get out!

Next on my little spree I picked up Immaculate Eggception Pink the mother of all bath bombs this is huge! The idea is to break the egg in to two, which leaves you with two halves and inside another bath bomb which is a chick so three for the price of one! I haven't used this yet, and I don't remember seeing it in last years Easter release so I am excited to use this. The scent to this bomb is full of zest and smells super refreshing, it's pink with yellow spots on one side and blue on the other so my guess is these little treats will leave the bath full of a mixture of vibrant colours. 

Next up this little beauty really caught my eye! I couldn't resist buying two of these, they just look so magical and mystical, the Golden Egg. This enchanting bath melt is packed full of glitter which will leave you looking like a glitter ball... but who doesn't love a bit of glitter now and again?! This egg is  jammed full of cocoa butter and with a toffee scent combined with bergamot and orange oils it leaves your skin feeling softer than soft and like it has had a right old treat!

Next I purchased Fluffy Egg now the only way to describe the scent of this is it really is similar to Candy Mountain and Snow Angel shower gel, it is infused with Candy Floss scents so if you are one for the sweet scents then this is for you! This is a bomb so it fizzes the prettiest pinky colour in to the water so you really do feel you are laying in a sweety, happy, candy world bath! 

Lastly on my little trip I thought this was super cute so picked up two of Hoppity Poppity a really sweet rabbit themed bath bomb. This bomb contains lavender and violet some of my favourite scents, and you feel so relaxed when adding this to the water.  It also contains popping candy so the rabbit hops and pops all over the bath and especially for little ones it is a fun experience. The Violet is really cleansing as it is antibacterial so if you are look for something to make you feel throughly cleansed go for this!

So that rounds up my little Lush Easter haul, did you purchase any of the Lush Easter range if so what was your favourites?

Emily xoxo

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  1. I had the Golden Egg a few days ago I loved it! My bathroom smelt gorgeous for days after too! :) xo

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