A Crafty Easter

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Hi Guys!

Firstly Happy Easter!! I hope those of you who do celebrate it, are having a lovely day filled with yummy chocolate and general lovliness!

Today I wanted to do a post slightly off the topic of beauty. Seeing as it's Easter and that's a time to spend with your family I wanted to dedicate my post to my wonderful sister, and share with you some of her wonderful Spring Easter creations. 

I often get asked a lot where some of the vases/jars and other bits you will see below are purchased from, when in fact they aren't shop bought (unless stated) they are all homemade by my sister Nicki. 

Now she does not give herself enough credit. I think she is super talented, and everyday there is always something new she has baked or crafted and she is just an absolutely wonderful person!
There is rarely a time she isn't busying herself with her netxt project, she is a craft queen who has a massive passion for making creating and baking!

I think its fair to say she was the sister blessed with creativity I however was not! 
So first of all I will show you where the magic truly happens....

This sign was purchased from one of the stalls from Bury St Edmunds Christmas Market. 

This room is just pure beauty, no pictures do it justice. It is crammed in every nook, full of ribbon, thread, twine, buttons, pins you name it's in there!
She designed the room herself and over time collected bits and bobs and 2 years ago the Craft Room was finished. 

On to the making...

Ever since she was little through to school, she just wanted to draw and create she was never really interested in anything else but that, and that has continued up to today! What is really sweet is my niece, Matilda is exactly the same, she has such a huge passion for making and creating like most kids I suppose, but she sees her mummy doing it all the time and wants to be just like her it's so adorable. 

The Decoupage Pot

This is so cute she painted a simple plant pot and incorporated napkins flowers on using decoupage glue and finally distressed it with sandpaper. The strawberries and gingham fabric are filled with fluff and sewn up to create a strawberry, simple yet beautiful. Our house is full of these beautiful pots, and you can fill them with anything from flowers to stationary to paintbrushes.

For the Peter Rabbit themed pots, she used the same technique, and these were used as easter gifts which are I think are adorable.

Burlap Bunting

       For this she uses Burlap that she cuts in to upside down triangles, for the left hand side picture she used string and fabric to create the hanging garland combined with bunting. And for the other she used lace to line the tops, and acrylic paint on the each triangle and then stencilled on a heart and painted that a darker pink. 
This is so perfect for weddings, little girls bedrooms and general house decor, especially if you are one for the shabby chic effect. 

I just love love love this one. Her Spring bunting is pride and place in our living room. 
This is made up of two seperate garlands. Firstly to create the rainbow garland affect she used pastel coloured tissue paper and made individual hanging tassels that are looped on to string. 
Then to create the burlap flags, she transferred the burlap on to felt to secure it, she then sewed it together and finally she free handed each letter on to the felt and cut them out and placed them on to the burlap. If this doesn't scream Spring mantel decor I don't know what does!

Easter nest centre piece 

This is actually 2 years old, but whenever this brought out It truly feels like Easter time in our household, who doesn't love a centre piece?!

This was a really fun one to make, my sister and my niece went foraging for sticks, which Matilda thought was the best thing ever! They collected lots and then she gently bent them in to different sized circles varying from small to big, she layered them on top of each other and secured them with florists wire. She then added moss (from the forest) and feathers and little waxed flowers in between any holes and gaps to give is a real nest-esque effect.
For the eggs she bought different sized wooden ones, hand painted them with various pastel acrylic paints, and with an old toothbrush she dipped it into different coloured paints to created the speckled effect. 

The Glass Jar

I have many of these everywhere! They are so quaint and scream prettiness. I use them for my makeup brushes and stationary and also use them as a vase for my flowers.

To create this, she just bought your average jar, which you can buy anywhere, and bought various sheets of floral fabric off the internet. She started with the letter using her stamping kit she stamped the words on to a cut out square piece of fabric first, then she transferred both pieces of fabric together by using the sewing technique. To secure the fabric to the jar she used pva glue. For the top picture she used twine to complete the finished look round the lip of the jar, and for the bottom picture she used ribbon. 

Easter  jars

How cute are these, and such a cheaper way to create the perfect easter gift!

These again were you average jar, she spray painted the lids and bought little animal figurines (easter themed of course) and spray painted those too, then glued them on to the lids, and just shredded up some tissue paper and popped that in the bottom of the jar and added little chocolate eggs. As a finishing touch tied some ribbon round the top. 

The Ball Mason Jar

My absolute favourite, I think we quite very possibly have every colour ball mason jar in our house.
These have become very popular as i'm sure many of you will have seen these become a huge hit all over Pinterest showing just how one jar can be so versatile!
She ordered hers from America (by the bulk as it was cheaper) and simply used her acrylic paint to coat the jar and distressed it with sandpaper. To pretty it up more she added lace round the top and there you have it your very own homemade jar! We always use ours for flowers, and flowers are our Saturday tradition. 

And that rounds up this crafty post! I hope you have enjoyed reading something different, if anyone is interested in any of the above my sister has her own little business and her email is 

If anyone would like to see a baking inspired post / floral inspired post let me know!
Enjoy the rest of your Easter Sunday!

Emily xoxo
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  1. Your sister is so talented, all of these are so perfect. Totally jealous of the craft room!!! Xxxxxxxx


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