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What I love most about drugstore shopping, is you can sometimes find some absolute gems at such affordable prices. 

Sleek Palettes are definitely one of these gems.
I own two of the highlight/contour palettes, and they are two palettes within my ever growing collection of make up I use on a regular basis, and the best bit they are £10 and under!

Sleeks Contouring and Blush Palette

This palette is an essential for me, more for the blusher than anything. There are three sections, contour, highlight and blush. These palettes are incredibly pigmented and really do last all day. The contour shade is a matte brown which I think produces a high definition contour line it's very similar to a lot of NARS bronzers I own, but well over half the price. 
The highlight is subtle yet noticeable, it catches perfectly on the light and is just enough to give you that sculpted glowy look. 
Then finally you have the blush, I love this blush,  it has the most beautiful raspberry, peachy pinkness to it with undertones of gold, when blended it achieves a such a gorgeous pinky gold flush to the cheeks. This blush is so pigmented you do not need a lot to achieve the look you want. Another thing I really like about the sleek palettes is you can blend to your hearts content and the final look will always seem like you've used a way more expensive, blush/contour than this actually costs. And they set perfectly into any complexion/skin tone.
I have the shade Light as I found these are still fairly dark shades but not too dark.
You can purchase the above palette here.

Next is the Sleek Highlighting Palette

Sleek Highlight Palette - Precious Metals. 

This has one powder highlighter and the other three, are cream highlighters which all have a metallic base. 
These highlights are definitely more obvious. They are all gold based, and the packaging has suggestions how these should be used. Platinum is suggested to be used across the brown bone, this has a pearly pink sheen to it which gives a radiant pearlised affect to under the brow bone, giving more definition to your eyeshadow colour, which I think sets the whole highlight affect, as the cheekbone is one of the main areas to really enforce another dimension to the face. Secondly Antique bronze is suggested to be used to highlight your cheek bones, producing a warm bronzed glow. Thirdly taking Royal Gold to highlight down the bridge of the nose (which I use as a counterpart to the above  contour shade from my contouring palette as it compliments it beautifully). And lastly take Renaissance to your cupids bow, which voila completes your highlighted look, attracting light and bringing out the features you want made most obvious. 
You can buy that here.

Which above palette do you like the look of most?

Emily xoxo

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