Charlotte Tilbury's Luxury Palettes

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Charlotte Tilbury has produced some of the most beautiful makeup cosmetics, from the packaging to the wonderfully pigmented products, I never seem to find a flaw with any item I buy from her brand. 
The only downside is the price; However I am one who believes in quality, I am happy to buy if I know the product will live up to its price tag. 

Charlotte's palettes have to be one of my most favourite items within her ever growing collection of beauty goodies. The first palette I purchased was The Golden Goddess, I am a golden girl through and through, I find these shades compliment the colour of my eyes and they are so easy to work with,  day or night they can be left subtle or built up to reveal that desired golden goddess look.

What I really love about these palettes is there are 4 purposes for each shadow, and on the back of the compact it advises how each shade should be used 1. prime, 2. enhance, 3. pop and 4. smoke, so there  is a step by step which is perfect if you aren't entirely used to building up, or working with different looks with eyeshadow palettes, you just do the step by step and you literally can't go wrong!
This palette is has got a lot of use out of me! I wear it so much because these shades are so easy to work with and the bronzed golden affect these shadows give off is truly amazing. On Charlotte's website she also does tutorials on how to work with each shadow which again is another pro point, as most brands don't give you that. 

From right to left, prime, enhance, pop, smoke

The prime in this palette has the most gorgeous buttery champagne colour to it, (which I from time to time also use a highlight). I mix this shade with more of my other palettes as it is so versatile.
The enhance shade is shimmered so really gives off a brightening glow to the lid, then pop is a subtle nudey brown with tiny additions of glitter, which is perfect to build up the look on a night out if you want to go more obvious. Then finally smoke which is a darker bronze so blendable which completes the whole golden look, summertime this is a dream on the eyes!

Next up we have The Vintage Vamp.

This palette has more reddy pinky shades in it, this palette is perfect for a night out, but I find myself using it in the daytime too. Same as the other palettes there are 4 steps within this, these shades are so incredibly pigmented that a little goes a long way, which is good as when you are paying the higher price, the last thing you want is for a product to run out fast!

From right to left, prime, enhance, pop and shade,

These colours are certainly more 'daring'. I was never really a reddy brown girl, but after playing around with Mac's Cranberry I swiftly changed my mind, and when my I was browsing Selfridges last year I swatched this palette and knew it had to be mine!
The prime is a creamy pearlised pink which again like the golden goddess can be a counter part to the majority of my eyeshadows and highlighters. The enhancing shade is more of a reddy brick brown colour, which has the most subtle shimmer it is no way overpowering which I like, as the prime and pop shades definitely give off enough light and shimmer for the entirety of the look. Pop is beautiful, a deep golden glittery hue, I tend to use this in the corners of the eyes as it really pops the look (as the name would suggest!) Another bonus point for these palettes is the glitter within the pop shades is by no means chunky, it doesn't take over the rest of the look, they are only small fragments which blend in just as you would want them too. And finally smoke, a deep reddy burgundy which really gives the perfect final touch, I tend to use this in the crease as it gives off a nice contrast the whole look. 

I will be definitely adding more CT Palettes to my collection in the future, how about you? Do you own any or are lusting after any particular ones within her collection?

Emily xoxo
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