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Hi Guys!!

Firstly I am so sorry I have been MIA on my blog, it has been a hectically busy month so I have had little time to just sit and write about lovely things, however... the post I am about to create makes me happy and should make up for missing a months worth of blogging!

So I think I am most definitely one of many who were ridiculously excited to hear Mac were releasing a limited edition collection of Disney's Cinderella. 
This collection certainly made hearts or broke them!
One of them being the reason this was in some places gold dust, and if you managed to nab one product from the collection you were definitely lucky.

So like all the majority of Mac collections, the date was advised but no time was, so unless you happened to stalk the website on the day and keep your wits about you, this was easily possible to slip through your fingers. 
I (somehow) thought the collection was being released online on the 13th of March, so you can imagine my surprise when I received a text from my sister saying 'did you manage to get anything?' the week before (6th March)... I was not happy! And when I then manically typed in the website I saw only the fluid line eye liner gel and mascara were available. (Sad times) so I purchased both, as I was desperate to own something from this collection, I am a massive Disney fan girl at heart and Cinderella being one of my favourite princesses made me want this makeup even more, I mean the packaging is just stunning, and without a doubt my favourite limited edition collection to date. 

However I had some luck ironically on an unlucky day.  I was away with my boyfriend and his family in York the following week, and me and his sister ventured (the day before the shop release) to the Mac counter at Fenwick's, we chatted to a lovely girl on the counter who told us how it was crazy the amount of people who were asking after this collection and how she thought it would go (like online) within hours, she even showed me the drawer full of it and I was desperate to grab a handful and run... obviously I didn't! But I knew I wasn't going to be able to get to the shop as the following day it was released we were due to leave York.

So the final part to my little Mac Cinderella story (you will all be happy to hear) was that night I fell asleep, and the crazy mac lover I am happened to dream of this stunning collection (yes I think I am slightly insane), and I happened to wake up needing a drink around 3.30am, I knew there had been rumours of the collection being released on Selfridges and other websites that day, so I decided to be a midnight nutcase and look on the website... to my surprise every single item had moments ago been added to the website and was all available. (I really was desperate for some of this collection) it's not been for everyone, but I am a huge lover of the pastels and nudes incorporated into this one. 
I frantically if my life depended on it added away, I did go slightly OTT but oh well YOLO!
And managed to seal everything on my wishlist and more, then went back to sleep I went a very happy girl..

Now on to the best bit. 
The reviews.

Stroke of Midnight

Without a doubt one of the highest on my wish list, now if you missed out luckily they do 5 out of 6 of these shades within the current collection. Admittedly I was lusting after this palette as I adored the packaging but also as it combined a few shades I had been wanting for a while but had not yet owned, and at £13 a shadow or £10 a refill this palette for £38 was good value for money. 
A mixture of shimmers, frosts and mattes there is a good variation of subtle and more obvious colours. 
This palette starts with two lights then two nudes then finishes off with 2 darker shades, giving a nice step by step option for day and night. All 6 colours work perfectly with one another. 
Vapour is a very milky sheer frosted cream, which I have found is a perfect brow highlighter or base for the eyes, it has a hint of a pearlised shimmer but more velvet. 
Phloof! the next shade is slightly more grey, with an overlay of shimmer frosting giving a beautiful definition to this colour. 
Omega and Quarry are more natural and these are two I already have been using together, Omega has an almost nude pale beigey green tone to it, with undertones of subtle browns, and Quarry is more of a nude mink with again soft a soft undertone of brown, both matte shades are perfect for daytime looks, and both buttery within texture.  
Finally Satin Taupe and Stroke of Midnight (the limited edition shade) are the two darkest completing the palette. Satin Taupe has to be my favourite, as some of you know I am a nude girl and this has the perfect amount of shimmer creating a warm toned sheen to the eyes.
Lastly Stroke of Midnight, which from most reviews i've read you either like or you dislike, I have to say I am a fan, definitely not a daytime colour for me, however this shade has the most beautiful purple sparkle addition to the velvet shade, this has  a black/dark purple pigmentation which is great for creating smokey looks, on me the purple glitter does translate on to my lids, I have read this is not the case for everyone, but I do really like the finish this darker shade creates.

Next up...

Pretty it up, Evil Stepmother (pigments) And Reflects Pearl (glitter)

I am all about the shimmers and the pigments, I just love the way the light catches on these types of product.
Starting off with the two pigments of the collection, Pretty It up
 is described as a mid tone pearlised olive, I have to say this pigment blends like a dream, this definitely has olive tones within it, but I think it is more of a bronze with gold/yellow undertones, with tiny additions of glitter but this has been more finely milled, so the formula incorporates subtle specks of glitter which sits comfortably on the lid perfecting a warm bronze glow to the lids. 

Evil Stepmother (love this name) is the darkest of both shades described as a black pearlized plumb tone. Now I found this shade didn't blend as well as Pretty It up, it's more mattified with the addition of fine specks of purple glitter, I found this shade translated easiest when damp, as it's formula is more dry in comparison to Pretty it up, so dampness makes it easier to work with. I personally wouldn't wear this shade by itself as it is extremely dark, but I have found adding pale colours such as creamy nudes etc compliment this shade and therefore lightens it up slightly. 

Next we have the glitter addition to the collection - Reflects Pearl, this is described as a pearl sheen with fine particles of glitter, this is pretty much as described. 
I would say the most 'magical' product within the collection, I know my niece will certainly be wanting me to create magical glitter princess looks with this addition. 
This is not advised to be used on the eyes as the glitter particles are more loose and nowhere near as milled as the pigments. However this adds a dazzling effect to day to day make up, I would advise a dampened brush when applying this to face/body so it transfers adequately to the skin. I love the pearl sheen to this glitter it reminds me of fairy dust, and it might not be the most used within my collection but certainly the most prettiest. 

Next up we have the Lipsticks (huge heart emoji) 

Royal Ball and Free As a Butterfly

The Lipstick part of the collection definitely mirrors the image of a modern day Cinderella, these two beautiful lustre lipsticks are jus stunning.
I lusted after Royal Ball the most, but when I saw Free as a Butterfly was also available I had to grab it to add to my ever growing collection of Mac lippies. 
First up Royal Ball, this is the darker of both shades, but when I say dark it really isn't dark at all. This shade is described as a fleshy pink, on the bullet this in my opinion looks more peachy pink, (hello summer lips). This has a pinky frosted finish which I found moisturising when applied. The colour pay off is darker than I thought it would be when transferred on to the lips, but I did have to build the colour so the pink tones became apparent. All in all I really like this addition to my collection.

Next we have Free as a Butterfly, the lightest of both shades. 
This shade described as a sheer golden nude, it is noticeably more subtle than Royal Ball, it has warm undertones and a frosted golden beige sheen to it on the bullet and when transferred on the lips. I personally find this too pale to wear by itself, it does lighten up my lip colour I have but, applying it over the top of pinky nudes / brown nudes is a perfect touch, as it leaves a beautifully golden frosted finish mixing up current colours. 

Next up we have

Cinderella Studio Fix Boldblack Lash Mascara and Little Black Bow Fluid Eyeliner Gel

The Mascara is in the current Mac collection, the only difference is the packaging which I loved, but luckily I already was a fan of this mascara as it has a high coverage, which coats your lashes with the perfect amount of formula and this is a highly pigmented black shade so your lashes really stand out and look darker and more volumized which is always a pro with me!

Next we have the eyeliner gel addition Little Black Bow.
Gel eyeliners for me seem to have a better staying power than liquid, so I was pleased to see a gel product in this collection. The shade to this eyeliner is black with warm brown undertones, and the slightest hint of sparkle. I find layered the brown tones really become apparent and obvious, but layered down it appears more black, this compliments any nude eye product beautifully. 

Next we have...

Lightly Tauped Studio Eye Gloss 

This isn't a product I have come across before, so I was intrigued to see what is was about, I can only describe the formula similar to lipgloss as thats's what the texture feels like. The colour of this gloss is a beige brown with burgundy/pinky specks of glitter. Now when I applying this I found the formula quite tacky and sticky, and the colour payoff was more clear then brown as it suggests in the pot. I have  found using a matte base and then adding a few small taps of this gloss to the top layer leaves you with a matte/glossy affect, which feels a lot nicer than with just the gloss on the lids. If you aren't a fan of sticky products this definitely would not be for you!

Next we have another glossy product

Happily Ever After Lipglass

I decided to go for the shade Happily Ever After as I was drawn to the pink milky shade, I really like this lipglass, the colour is a cool pink with blue undertones which over a pale pink lipstick gives a lovely milky sheen finish. 
When twisting the bottle back and fourth the blue changes to a pinky glitter and it looks very pretty. 
When applying I think the pink sinks into the lips so it doesn't then appear as pink as it does in the tube but it still adds a beautiful subtle glossy affect.


Iridescent Powder in Coupe D Chic 

I was definitely torn between this and the Mystery Princess beauty powder, however as this came out in America a week earlier than the UK a lot of reviews I read on the beauty powder were, it was extremely sheer and not entirely noticeable, now a huge highligher lover I did want it, but the more reviews I read the more I decided maybe I should stick to the iridescent powder. 
Firstly a beautiful compact, I adore the packaging the most with this as you have a mirror to accompany it. 

This is a pinky peach golden colour with golden particles. I found this to be more of a blusher than an iridescent as the name suggests, many of my other iridescent are more shimmery, whereas this had more small particles of glitter than shimmer grounded into the compact.
This pinky colour is gorgeous and a will leave a lovely finish to most skin tones. I use this on the apples of my cheeks, and alone the cheek bone as I find the golden particles transfer easily giving your face that extra bit of shine. 
The texture to this is buttery and gives off a powdered finish. 

So that completes this post... apologies for the length but I felt I had to do a whole post of all my purchases from this collection.
I'm happy I managed to get what I could and think I will be using this quite a bit in my daily routines.

Did you manage to snap anything up from this limited edition collection, if so what are you favourites?

Emily xoxo

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