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Burberry makeup as a brand is something I have always lusted over, however as a high end brand I have always looked but never bought... until recently. 

We are in Spring now and this season always catchs my attention most for limited edition products, especially blushers, mainly the beautiful intricate detailing but also the pretty colours relevant to these seasons and beautiful creative designs, knowing they are limited edition makes it so much more difficult not to purchase!
The downfall usually - the price!

When Burberry's 'Rain or Shine' SS15 blusher got released, it for sure made my eyes pop. It is gorgeous, and not the type of fun design I thought Burberry would have gone for, at £45.00 it is definitely steep but for 9g when usually you only get 7g ( makes a difference as the palette is that much bigger)

The blush has a sweet rose scent like the rest of the Burberry makeup brand, which when sweeping across the cheeks becomes really does come apparent.
The product is branded as a highlighter/illuminator, however to me I see this more as a blush, and the colour payoff is more blush with a hint of highlight but not greatly noticeable. 
Made up of 4 colours, the base being a bright pop of pink, the writing Rain Or Shine overlaying the base are the three words which resemble the highlighting/iridescent part of the palette, while the cloud is a creamy in colour, and a delicate powdered texture which is perfect for lightening the areas under the eyes. 
When swirled together (yes It took me some time but I had to do it) it gives off the most beautiful pinky flush to the cheeks giving you a healthy Spring glow. 
This would suit any skin tone, as it is easily buildable, but can be worn down for days when you only desire a hint of colour. 
All in all I would highly recommend this blusher, as it is ideal for the Spring/Summer months, with a girly design, it is a great addition to any collection. 

My next buy was something I had seen pop up often over many blogs, and found it to be highly recommended,  Sheer eyeshadow in the shade Rosewood, this little beauty seemed from swatches and reviews to be my ideal eye colour. 

Firstly the title of this product would suggest a subtle non pigmented formula, however it really is the total opposite, it has a gorgeous shimmering sheen which glides on perfectly to the lids, this shadow doesn't feel cakey or heavy it is light in text. 
Another pro to this compact is there is no excess when applying, that is the most irritating issue to a great majority of eye products you apply it then get dustings of shadow falling around the eye, with this you don't get that it sits nicely. 
The colour to this shade is a metallic nude taupe, with I think undertones of grey/purple but only slightly, this is so easily blendable that when applied it distributes evenly revealing a gorgeous sheen making the eyes appear wider and more awake. I have found this an easy to wear by itself or applied with other nudes in my various other collections. 

Finally my last Burberry buy was Effortless Mascara in Midnight Black, I am always on the look out for that 'perfect mascara' which makes your eyelashes black, volumized and longer all in one (asking a bit much?!) but that is the dream. I normally find with mascara they will do one thing but not the others.

However whilst on my Burberry splurge I decided to purchase the effortless mascara, as this claims to volumize lashes, and also contains marine plant glycogen, that supposedly accelerates fibre length and strengthens the lashes, so if a mascara can claim to do that it's got to be good right?!
The mascara itself comes in a clear hard plastic bottle which I thought was good as you can keep track on how much you are using. 
The wand is itself is fairly long with the lid chunky enough to get a good hold on, the head is straight and sphere shaped with a good space between each lash line, meaning the application doesn't clump your lashes together but distributes the product evenly to each lash. I have been using this for a few weeks, I can't say I have noticed growth in my lashes, but then again I never have suffered with stubby lashes mine are naturally longer in length. But this is great for added volume and gives your lashes a darkened desired affect when it comes to the colour. 
One thing Burberry should be highly praised on is their beautiful packaging, it's so durable and long lasting, you really pay for what you get, the mirrored effect with the Burberry infamous stripes really sets of an expensive, elegant sleek on trend vibe.

I will definitely be investing again on other products from the Burberry line, have you purchased any if so what do you recommend?

Emily xoxo
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